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User Sign Up Email "Reset Password"

  • 16 March 2023
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I have a question about the email notification users get when a new account is created for them. The notification currently gives user a link to “reset” their password. I am worried this is confusing, as users are accessing the platform for the first time and have never created a password before, so they have no password to “reset.” Rather, I would like all messaging to refer to “creating a password.” 

Does anyone have advice on how to configure messaging to be centered around “creating a password,”  rather than resetting a password? 


Email received by new user: 

After user clicks on “Reset your password” link:




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@meaganpI totally agree with you.  Having a ‘reset password’ is very confusing. The problem is that emails can be intercepted and “live” passwords are not a good thing to have.

The best alternative that I’ve found is to use a standard temporary password (like Changeme1), and not use the password short code. Then be sure to configure the account to force a password reset on the first login.

Doesn’t solve the security issues 100% but it does help with the confusion.

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@KMallette Thank you so much! You are always so helpful. 

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you can change the language with the Localization app...some examples of what you can change


@meaganp is there a way for you to change the accepted answer?  @lrnlab has provided a much more on point answer than the one that currently shows up as the “best answer” and it’s better for security too.

I agree. It would be very helpful if Docebo could create the option to set a temporary standard first log in option for large numbers of users (other than potentially by CSV file upload). With so many new users entering our system with varied degrees of comfort with technology, the process of explaining the initial reset password process in both the desktop and Go.Learn App formats has been very challenging.

I did change the wording in our notification and also created a document to walk people through the options and steps for password reset with screenshots. We also created a video tutorial to share with new users. Although helpful tools for our users, this was a time consuming process and it seems there should be an easier way

Docebo - please add this feature as it would be so helpful! Thank you.

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Good topic, thanks for the input yall. We were using the solution of giving people a temp password and making them change it, but when we installed our Salesforce integration and user sync (which works great) -- the only downside is the newly created users can’t have a password set by the Salesforce contact sync.


[edit after posting - Okay, sometimes you just answer your own question….]


In our “welcome email”, i used HTML and the shortcode [user_password]… but i manually set the text to “Set Your Password”.


Your username is: client15
Please click the following link to login and Set Your Password.



which takes you tot he Recover password page on the login screen


now if i can just change “Recover password” to “Set your password for the first time or Recover password” then i’ll be all set!

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now if i can just change “Recover password” to “Set your password for the first time or Recover password” then i’ll be all set!

You can change that in the Localization Tool.  We are doing some similar things to try to make this convoluted process make sense.