Username defaulting to email address

  • 30 March 2022
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Every time I try to create a new user, I get an error that says username already exists. I checked that the advanced settings for “Set username same as email” is not enabled.


I was able to do this last week where I created multiple users with the same email address. I was doing that in a different sub-folder (similar to sub-domain). Can someone please guide me, unsure why this is happening?




3 replies

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@ANUPAMA Have you checked to see if the username does exist?

Also, if you run the same batch upload file multiple times (cause you are correcting a small error, for example) the system will error on any accounts that it successfully created the first time you ran the batch.

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HI @ANUPAMA you can have more than 1 profile using the same email address but not the same username...I run into this sometimes where, if you have Auto-fill turned on, especially on Chrome, you input data in the username field and as you type it auto-fills your username...maybe that’s causing your issue. You can turn off that feature to see if that may be the case. I know it does this all the time with the password field where it tries in input MY password when I’m creating the profile. quite annoying...

Thank you @KMallette @lrnlab for your responses.

@lrnlab autofill was the issue! I turned off the feature and that fixed it!