Users being deactivated right away

  • 8 September 2022
  • 2 replies

Have you seen any issues with users being added to Docebo (in our case through an SFTP) and automatically being deactivated? It is only happening to a few users within the file upload. There are no changes to the file we upload, but for some reason Docebo is thinking those users are deactivated.

2 replies

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Are you using a field to identify them as active or not (0 or 1)? Perhaps check that in your upload file. Or could it be you have an expiry date set for some users in your file? I have never seen this kind off behaviour

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Def seems like something in the data fields of the file is diff for those users. Can you compare one to one from the same file that goes in fine and identifiy any differences that are not related to simple info?

Do you have any automations set up to de-activate a person on any certain conditions or in a group that these users might be triggering?