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  • 29 December 2021
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When moving content into system are there any preferences or advantages to moving to repository then moving to catalog or final place.  Or start in final place then move to repository?

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When we say "content" I believe we have to be a bit more specific about what we're describing as not all "content" in docebo is the same. At the core we have two types of content that can be batched in various ways.

We have "training materials" that can be added to a "course". Courses can then be grouped together into catalogs so that users can self enroll or they can be sequenced into Learning Plans and assigned to a user. Learning Plans can be added to catalogs as well.

Training Materials>Courses>LP/Catalogs

Our other type of "content" are called "Assets" and these are any sorts of documents or videos that you'd like to display in a channel. The channel is intended to be a more "informal" way of knowledge distribution. That being said you can also add courses and learning plans to channels as well.

Since "Assets" can't be added to the CLOR (We do have plans to change towards the end of 2022) your question is more about Training Materials and could be rephrased as:
"When uploading training materials into the LMS is it best to add it to a course first or to the clor?"

My suggestion is often that it's best to add to the clor first in case you'd like to reuse the material in another course as well as reversion the material at a later date. It's easier to track and as we continue to improve the clor I think you'll see enhancements that would take time if you were to add the material to the course first and choose to push the material back to the clor at a later date (which you can do thankfully!).