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  • 20 November 2023
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Can I find the webhook when the student starts the quiz and when he finishes it?
I want if it is possible or not. 
if it is possible, How or which webhook?
if not possible, Can I find a workaround?
my scenario is, that I want to send the quiz name, start date, End date, and student ID through webhook to use it to inform his parent by starting the important quizzes.


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Hmm, looks like there is one for status change on a training material, never used so you may need to try it out and experiment a bit, more details on it here:


Additionally, depending on your setup, you could use the course complete one:

This would not get you the start, but the complete of the course if the quiz completed the course.

Check out the information available, you would probably need to do additional API work to get the details of the user to send the email.