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  • 7 February 2023
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I’m really struggling with this still.  I have a learning plan with 8 courses that all staff need to complete.  All courses have a validity period of 1 day, then a soft deadline that allows them to look at the module after this period.

For some reason only some of the courses appearing as ‘overdue’ for people and not all?  this person has 1 overdue course.


But when i try to look (ignoring the fact there is no easy way for managers ro see overdue courses) there are 3 courses that in fact are overdue (these are part of a learning plan, and all have a validity date of 1 day)



any help appreciated

4 replies

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I would suggest to check if the settings are the same for all the courses in the Learning Plan.

To easily compare the data, you can take advantage of the “Export courses data” available in the Admin > Course management. 

From here, you can choose to download the course properties that includes  the variables you set in your courses.

Another thing I would suggest to check whether the validity period for all courses is set depending on the first access date or from the enrollment date. If it is based on the first access date that would be the reason why some users have the same course overdue and others not.

I hope it helps.

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Its a great suggestion.  unfortunately all the properties are identical

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this guy has 5 overdue courses, but has only completed 1 out of 8 mandatory modules.  I must be missing something.  does anyone know what setting is controlling the ‘overdue’ flag.



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That is interesting behavior.  Can you confirm that all the people enrolled in the course have an enrollment validity start and end date listed on their enrollment screen?  Maybe there is something funky happening with the validity dates when being enrolled from the learning plan?