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What is the best way to maintain course completion records for retired users?

  • 24 June 2022
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I support a large group of volunteers which has high annual turnover (about half). We consider each year of volunteers as a cohort.  We have a couple of different required courses - one course is required only every 4 years and two courses are required annually for all members. 

Volunteers who leave do sometimes come back to the organization within the 4 years, so they would not be required to retake the training until they hit that 4 year mark. They would be required to retake the other trainings.

When a volunteer leaves the organization, we deactivate their account.

My questions:

  1. If I unenroll people from any of the courses, is a record of the course completion maintained?
  2. If I do not unenroll people from the courses, but just deactivate their accounts, are notifications sent to deactivated users (we have a notification that reminds people to complete these courses - I do not want to send notifications to people no longer associated with us)? The problem I have with this is that the statistics for the course are not going to be representative of the cohort of volunteers. 

I’m trying to find the best way maintain a historical record for reporting purposes.

Thank you for any assistance and insights you can provide!


~Diane Jacobi



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Hi @Diane Jacobi !

To answer your first question - if you unenroll someone from a course that they have completed, you will be removing their course completion data.  So if you are trying to keep that data for your records, I would recommend keeping the user enrolled in the course.

For question 2 - I don’t think notifications are sent to deactivated users (in my organization, deactivated users also get their email deactivated, and we would receive bounce back emails for those deactivated users if they were receiving notifications, but we do not get them). There is a way to extra confirm that your deactivated users do not receive a notification.  You can put all your deactivated users into a separate branch for deactivated users, and then assign your notifications to only go to the branches that contain your active users.

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@Diane Jacobi ,

Hi let me expand on @Annarose.Peterson assist.

  • all of Anna’s notes are spot on.
  • deleting any completion record will not maintain their historical record.
  • deactivating the learner does help to ensure they are not notified from the system
  • for a group that is involved and maintains records to avoid issues with an audit from regulatory perspective?? Adjusting learning records is not a great idea…as you may need them for folks that are not active.

For your consideration: 

It’s my opinion, use management for systems (once you get to the level of handling even 100s of folk) need to rely on practices that initiate and disable their accounts with automation. The durability of the learning profile is key to your audit and user experience. Without it? This administrative overhead can be a serious one that can be expensive (expensive enough where you hire a person to just administer people into the system and maintain them).

1) when working with learning records and users consider the durability of the learning profile and the users identity and the accounting practices that your other HR Systems follow. See if you can match the approach for the life cycle of any user record.

2) if a learners identity is driven by self registration? Then you will probably want to keep their accounts active to come back and self service into that account…and consider that may not be a bad thing. Docebo supports an Active User Management model that will keep your traditional costs down.

3) You can totally be clever and deactivate accounts after x amount of inactivity (look at the automation app).

4) If you can’t map a person back to their identity issued by your organization into the system? There are tools to merge user accounts.

5) Consider if you can’t map a person back to their identity then mapping historical learning becomes a concern…

That may be a lot to consider…but when you have records from other systems being maintained on your targeted audience? I would recommend to leverage it to be your identity provider….

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I found myself ranting…but deactivated and keeping their learning records intact is key.

When reporting out - look to report out on the course but remove deactivated users is the way to go…you may want to sharpen your reporting to only include a targeted audience to effectively filter out others…

As long as you hold on to the training material? You have a chance of tracking a completion at its level…but you are going to find reporting challenging.

Good luck with this….