When does a Scorm package save for a user. (On Desktop and Mobile)

  • 22 November 2021
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We use scorm packages extensively to meet the certification guidelines we need to follow. However we have found some concerning discrepancies between users abilities to transition from desktop to mobile (we are just using the mobile browser not the App) and retain their progress. There’s nothing more disheartening than a user watching a 2 hour course on their phone only to get to their PC and see it didn’t save and they can’t take their review questions. 

We have found mixed results in testing and while progress certainly can be maintained the process of it is elusive. 

Is there any concrete knowledge on when scorm packages update Docebo with their information so it’s retained? Does it happen when transitioning between segments of a scorm, is it when the scorm package is closed? At what point does Docebo (or the package itself) retain that information where it can be re-accessed? And is it the same for desktop and mobile? This will help determine how we structure future scorms as well as how we handle support questions.

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