Where/How is the Learning Plan Progress calculated?

  • 11 August 2022
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Greetings All - 

I’m trying to determine where/how the learning plan progress count (not the percentage) is calculated. This is the hour/minute number that appears on the learning plan screen (where the individual courses are listed). 

For context, we are using SCORM files published from Rise in our LMS. To my knowledge, Rise does not provide an automatic calculation for course duration, and while there is a way to add a duration at time of publishing, our instructional designers aren’t adding a number. 

The learning plans that I was experimenting with only produce a h/m count when there are courses with SCORM content in them (I had one LP with 3 courses wherein I had used the File type training material component, and that LP showed 0h 0m). The screenshot above is from a LP with one single SCORM course in it. I assigned the LP to myself and when I first opened the LP screen, the progress count showed 0h 34m. I launched my course and navigated in there for all of 30 seconds, but when I returned to the LP screen, that progress showed a count of 0h 38m. The 41m above is after I relaunched, then completed the course and the additional knowledge check.

So I’m stumped as to where that number is coming from, and why it appears to be adding time for each subsequent launch of the course. Any insight you folks might be able to provide would be appreciated.

Many thanks!


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As an update, I may have determined what the two time blocks mean, so I’m posting here to pass along the information, as well as continue to solicit feedback in case I am completely mistaken. 

The first h/m block (before the pipe) looks to be all of the learner’s interactions with the content within the learning plan. In my 34 min example above, I was using a SCORM file that was in other courses I had previously tested with. I’m guessing here that the LMS is tracking all of my interactions with that file and was increasing that counter accordingly. The second time block (after the pipe) looks to be derived from the Average Time field in Details section of each course; this will appear as a cumulative duration. In the screenshot below, I had a learning plan with five courses, and had added an Average Time to one. My activity counter (first block) increased as I launched and exited the courses, but the course duration (second block) remained static. 

Again, this is my best guess here. 

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the first block is the time the user spent in the entire Learning Plan and the last block is the total training duration of the learning plan. The latest number is the aggregated data of the value “average time” set on each course that is part of the Learning plan. (Properties > Details > average time)


Since this was a bit confusing, what we did is to change the labels to: Time spent | Total training duration

I hope this helps.