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  • 20 June 2022
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We have a lot of confused staff members when it comes to renewing mandatory training and understanding learning plans.  All staff get attached to a learning plan with 7 mandatory e-learning modules, however 4 of the modules are to be ‘renewed’ in 2 years.  When those 2 years are up staff will be expected to go to the ‘refresher’ section to renew.

If staff go back to the learning plan when some of the modules are due to be renewed, it will still say the plan is 100% complete and if they click onto the courses in the plan it will not take them to the correct renewal place, rather it will take them to the old attempt. question is, can anyone advise if there is anyway of having a widget on the home page which shows when a course is due to be renewed?  I already have a button that takes them to the ‘refresher area’ but it would be great if there was a widget on the home page which listed the courses due to be renewed to surface this information.


1 reply

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@KTJD since courses can only be completed once at the moment, have you looked at using the Certification And Retraining app? You can add the LP there...once they complete the LP for the fist time, it will allow them to ‘renew’ their certification by resetting the LP to ‘not started’ when the user follows the renew process (this is done via the My Activities page > Certifications > click the RENEW button beside the certification.

It’s not great but it may do what you need...