xAPI/SCORM Course Player showing Blank Screen

  • 30 June 2022
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Hi All, 

Ever since the beginning of June 2022, some of our users have been experiencing a blank screen when attempting to play course content. This has happened so far in 3 different courses and in 3 different instances. 

Instance 1:

The course has several module trainings, when moving from module 1 to module 2, a blank screen appeared for the user on module 2. 

Instance 2:

A user closed a course half way through, returned and clicked on the “Resume where you left off” button, again to end up with a blank screen. 

Instance 3: 

A user tried to review a course and was met with a blank screen. 

Has anyone else seen this issue? Again it seems to only have started recently, these courses have not been recently updated and they were working fine without issue prior. In one case I recently took the same course and didn't have any issues. I have an open ticket with both Docebo and Articulate, both are pushing the issue back on to the other. 

3 replies

Yes. We have the same issue. We have had an ongoing open ticket with Docebo as well. Please let me know if you ever received any resolution for this.

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Hi @shona.dunn,

It appears that this may have been an issue with the way were were updating our xAPI content. I say appears because, we didn’t receive much help from the open tickets I had when trying to figure this issue out.  

As a workaround to solving the issue, I simply reset the training material in the course management area. However, that was not necessarily the right idea as it erased previous completion information I had to make note of that information and then update it manually. We try to avoid that if possible.

What did work was properly updating the training material. For xAPI content I’ve found per the help article that while you generally upload new/original xAPI content directly to the course, you should then push it to the central repository(CLOR) and make future updates to the training material in the CLOR and push it to the course thereafter. This little piece of truth appears in one location of the Uploading xAPI Content article in the tips and tricks area(literally the last line)

Upon updating the training material as a new version, with a fresh copy from the the authoring tool resolved this issue for us. Unfortunately, if a user opens the content after the update and they had previously completed it, it shows as not completed for the new version. I hope this helps, but being newer to Docebo myself I don’t know specifically that this is the right answer.

Let me know if you have any questions. 



Thanks so much for the reply! I received a solution from Docebo, so in case anyone else encounters the issue:

They believe it is a structural issue that can be solved for future users by pushing the SCORM file to the Central Repository, allowing users to take advantage of the Versioning option. This will allow users to be automatically updated to the new version once it has been pushed into the course and will retain the progress information from the previous version in the reports as well.

For any current users with the issue, their suggested solution is resetting users' progress (purging the stored date allows the users to access the current package without issues caused by a structural mismatch or corrupted data).