Your August Release Webinar questions, answered

  • 3 September 2021
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For those that tuned in to the August Release webinar, you knew these were coming!  If you missed it, we have the recording ready and waiting for you.


If you’ve ever attended one of our monthly webinars, you know we take your feedback seriously. We conduct a quick 2-minute survey following every webinar to understand your likes and dislikes. One consistent point of feedback we continue to hear is that you’d like us to spend more time on Q&A. Moving forward, we plan to share Q&A posts like these following every webinar to make sure we can answer every question. 


Your questions in this month’s webinar all revolved around three main areas - Ideas prioritization, sharing badges on LinkedIn, and observation checklists on mobile. 


Ideas Prioritization


Some of you have asked the question about how we prioritize ideas at Docebo. I'm glad you asked! This is an area of hyper focus for Docebo and we have some exciting announcements that will be shared at Docebo Inspire! Be sure to tune in to hear about how Docebo is working to become #1 in customer experience, starting with how we listen to and take action on feedback from you!


Sharing Badges on LinkedIn

Q: Can we enable/disable Linkedin sharing?
A: You have the power!  In order to start sharing, you will need to enable the functionality.  LinkedIn Sharing happens at the badge level and can be set when you create or edit badges.


Q: Are we able to share Credly badges with this new feature?

A: The short answer is, not yet. The longer answer is we are looking into it. @ Marco recently chimed in on the Docebo integration with Credly's digital badge platform? post with some thoughts.


Q: Any plans to add additional social media networks?
A: Some good news here, you can start sharing to other platforms today. When you share a badge in Docebo, there is also the option to copy the link. This will allow you to share directly to any platform such as Facebook or Twitter.  


Q: I have not used the gamification option yet, are the badges customizable?

A: So glad you asked! Yes, you are the master of your badge design and the badge types are limited only by creativity. There are a number of “out of the box” badges you can use to get you started, plus we have some additional enhancements coming soon. The Knowledge Base can help you with set up but we recommend asking the community as we’re confident they’d be willing to share examples of what they’ve created! 



Q: Just to clarify, when sharing to LinkedIn it will always show the generic blue check mark for the badge on LinkedIn?

A: That was just an example. The image that appears on the post is that of the badge itself. Here is another example of a badge (I didn’t earn, but sheepishly assigned to myself)


Q: When can we expect the badge sharing to be available? 

A: Let the sharing commence! As soon as your platform has been updated with the August release (which, as luck would have it, is in September this year) you are ready to go. You just need to enable sharing. All platforms should be updated by Friday, September 3rd. 


Mobile Checklist


Q: Anyway to layout those "answers" on the checklist in a "horizontal" layout?

A: If I am understanding this right, you are asking if we can change the view to landscape mode by changing the direction of the phone. If that is a correct assumption, unfortunately, that is not possible at this time. 


Thanks for this question, @dklinger! It looks like you’ve already tapped into the powerful resources of our community to help solve this one. I’m not currently aware of a way to do this, but perhaps someone in the community with significantly greater CSS chops could help you out here. 


Q: Have there been any changes to the notifications? 

A: There have not been any changes to the notifications as part of this update. If you’re interested in learning more about notifications, check out the following guide that we just shared last week! 

12 Notifications You Should Be Using


Q: Can we remove manager approval to redo the checklist? 

A: I hope I am answering your question, but if not, please let me know in the comments.  Checklist approvals are optional and can be configured when you create or edit your checklists under Observations and Approval. If you don’t need the observation checklist “approved” you can leave that option turned off and managers can access them anytime on My Teams page for reference.    



That is it!  Those were the questions.  Got more?  Share below! 👇👇👇

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