A 4 o clock on Friday - anyway that you can copy a docebo content partner training material?

  • 24 February 2023
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I know that Friday kinda feels like the next Saturday out in the world - but has anyone with Docebo Content request their content provider to push a copy of a course because they use it for annual activities? Like a Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention course?????

I am running into training materials that are in the central repository acting as a shared resource...so it forces a once and done across all courses with the training material.

1 reply

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OKIES - here is the short of it...and my advice that I got from a few peeps. Reach out to your content provider and see if they can pass along the SCO directly to you.

In our case we are using Docebo Content and so we were passed along skinny SCOs.

Skinny SCOs? For those that dont get one level deeper with SCORM? Act like an AICC course and workaround a fundamental rule in SCORM...they allow the SCO to live somewhere else - and not just on your local server.

The usage can still be tracked? And the SCOs can be managed on your own end.

My 4pm on Friday has had a great outcome - so I am back in business!!!! Woot woot woot.

Have a great weekend.

I think next week - @Bfarkas needs to write up an article on skinny SCOs and leveraging tools like content controllers and even more retro? How to build your own AICC Server….lol….just kidding just kidding.