Any ideas why emails won't trigger?

  • 22 December 2021
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Notifications work great.  Setting up emails the same way but nothing sends.

3 replies

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Hi @BHDan we’ve had similar should check your spam folder and perhaps connect with your IT team to make sure they allow emails from the Docebo domain (usually, * if that doesn't work, you can try starting with one that usually triggers quite easily, the Enrolment Notification, to see if they are indeed working in your company.

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Yes, we have had similar issues in the past as well.  Sometimes they will come hours after the notification was triggered, if they come at all.  There is nothing we can pinpoint it to because it happens so randomly, so it has been difficult to get the issue resolved.

Like @lrnlab mentioned, check with your IT team to make sure emails are allowed from Docebo.

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@BHDan if you’re using your own domain in the FROM filed, make sure that you have properly configured both SPF and DKIM in Docebo and your domain’s DNS.

Also, in the Advanced tab in the Advanced Settings you can enable the CC option to get a copy of all email notifications to a dedicated mailbox, so you’ll be able to monitor if things are sent out.