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Assigning Power Users Course Categories?

  • 4 March 2022
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Docebo Support here!

I wanted to create a post to create some visibility for other clients in case they are unaware of this feature for Power Users.

For Power Users with permissions to create courses they are also able to assign those courses to Categories within the course management.

However, without the power user having the assigned resource under their course resources tab they will not be able to do so. 



Best answer by hilary.krottgonzales 4 March 2022, 19:23

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3 replies

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Go to the Power Users Resources > Courses> Manage Resources.

From here you may select the tab to see Categories that you can assign the Power Users to have visibility over. 



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Thx @hilary.krottgonzales yes that is a great feature however when categories are used in catalogues, these don’t always align with the access you want to grant to an admin. We cannot use this feature until such time as the categories on the admin can be separated from those used in the catalogues.

Categories for admins can be very different than what we want our users to see. Whereas those for users are usually aligned to skills, products, etc., the admins usually prefer things like dates, years, compliance,  etc. and for those us who use sub domains, we would really like to see the admin version of the categories set-up so we can identify them by sub domain name. If this is done today, users would see all the sub domain names in the category list on the catalogues; not desirable at all + since categories for users are not dynamic; meaning that if a category has no courses available for that user, they still see the category.

In my opinion, categories need some enhancements before we can use them.

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@hilary.krottgonzales this is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing! Categories can be a great way to organize resource access for Power Users on the backend.