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can we change color and what states are there?

  • 22 April 2024
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Hi there,

I add a screenshot of one of our courses. We would like to have the blue icons that show that a step is complete (in red frame), to swith to green once finished. Is it possible to adjust the color of the “Done-Icon” to green? 

And would anyone one know about an information page in docebo university or so, where we can see all icons in all possible statuses that can occur with it? 

Thanks in advance and best regards


Best answer by DPatel 6 May 2024, 00:29

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4 replies

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your image is not visible 😕

Is it not? Duno, how come! It’s a regular.jpg file. I add it again as a png and hope it’s visible.

cheers Roli 

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Hi there,

I was able to use the following CSS in my Sandbox Platform to change the icon colour for Completed Training Material on the new course player - 

/* Changes Background Colour of Completed Training Material START */
.ui-avatar-background-success {
background: #0000FF!important
/* Changes Background Colour of Completed Training Material END */

This changed the colour of the background when completed to the Hex Code which was Blue in the code I provided. You can amend this HEX code to whatever you require.

I would strongly recommend you implement this on a Stage/Sandbox environment and ensure you are happy this CSS targets what you are after and ensure no other areas are affected before implementing to a Production site.

Now that was a great hint, dear @DPatel 👍. Thank you ery mucht for it ! 

Our IT has looked at it and was able to change that very quckly, thanks to your input. Now all of us L&D Mgrs (about 30) are happy about a real quick win. 

Best regards and take care