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Can you "follow" an ILT course for future sessions?

  • 3 November 2021
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Is there a way for a learner to “follow” an ILT course without enrolling into it and be notified when a session is created for that ILT course? For example, I have a people manager who wants to be notified when a session is available for courses so they can enroll their direct reports into the session, but currently there is only a notification for ILT session created that is sent to learners already enrolled into a course. Is there a notification or a workaround that anyone is using for users to select to be notified without enrolling into a course and without sending a notification to everyone (just those who have selected to be notified)?




Best answer by Jessica Tart 9 November 2021, 17:37

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Hi @Julie Hoy I don't think a user can self enroll into an ILT without selecting a date unless you publish the course without any scheduled dates, however a manager and/or PU can do this. You would probably want to activate the waitlist feature as well. Then, you'll want to create a notification called New ILT Session created and set it up to go to users. I think that should allow to get close to what you need...

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@Julie Hoy I don’t fully understand Docebo’s reasons and logic behind this, but after many experiments I found a way to let people enroll in ILTs which don’t have any session scheduled in the future, by changing the course Enrollment Policy to Pending Admin Approval. 

Users are added to the course, but are not assigned to any session. Once you schedule a session, you will have to manually assign them to that new session (approve their enrollment).


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Then, you'll want to create a notification called New ILT Session created and set it up to go to users.

On our end we use a notification which is sent once a user gets assigned to a session (User enrolled in ILT session), so they immediately receive all details and a calendar ics file.

The “ILT session created” notification is sent as soon as you add a session, and to us, it was too early (before we were able to finalize all settings and events). 

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this might come back to bite us, but we sell our courses so by default we can’t have an automatically managed waitlist, and we have too many courses each week to manage that manually. What we did was change the wording of “wait list” to “interest list.” If a course is full the wording is now something like this course is full, you can click this link to be notified when new sessions are added. This does enroll the user into the course, technically putting them on the waitlist, but when a new session is put it they’ll be notified and able to switch to the session with seats available. That’s the plan at least. 

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Hi Julie! It sounds like you are looking for an Interest button. From my experience with previous LMS systems, this is a button that will add learners to a list who are interested in an ILT course without any upcoming sessions. The instructor(s) of the course should be able to get a digest email that includes a list of people who have expressed interested on a certain cadence. This functionality helps you determine if there is enough interest to host future sessions for the course.

Does this sound like what you are looking for? 

If so, Docebo does not currently have this functionality. However, I do know that ILT Express Interest is on the Roadmap for 2022!


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Hi @Julie Hoy.  We do this on some of our courses that we only run when there is demand.  We create and publish the course with free enrolment.  A user can enrol onto the course even though there are no dates available (they basically go onto a waiting list).  We then have a scheduled report that runs that shows people on waiting lists.  When there is enough interest, we organise and publish a session with the notification set up to alert those enrolled that a new session is available.  The user then goes back onto the course to select the session they wish to attend.  Hope this helps?

Jessica - that’s exactly what I was looking for - an Interest button. Glad to see that Docebo has this on their roadmap for 2022. I’ll look into using the ILT session notification in the meantime and having users enroll into an ILT without a session in the meantime. Thanks everyone!

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Could you advise where you set this up at? I cannot seem to find the screenshot you referenced above?