Community get together tips and tricks

  • 2 May 2021
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Is anyone up to get together to showcase your platform and help each other? @Adam Ballhaussen what do you think? We could record the session and post it in the community.

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@Salvo I love this idea. This is similar to an idea that @cjfoster23 brought up in a Community Founder roundtable a few weeks ago and I am all for it.

I am curious, how would you as a member expect Docebo to be involved? Would you expect us to host/facilitate the session? Would you prefer for employees to be present or for it to be a customer-only event? What do you think an ideal structure for a get-together like this would be?


Let me know if you want to take the planning/coordination offline by sending me a private message. But know that we are willing to support this in whatever way is best! And I think it would be great to make these a frequently recurring event.​​​