Compliance training Best Practices

  • 13 July 2021
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Have you ever had to organize any compliance training projects in your company? At Docebo, we often talk about this topic with our customers because compliance training is common to all industries and represents a fundamental pillar of user training.

When we support our customers in organizing this type of initiative, we usually proceed like this:


First, let's try to categorize the type of compliance training that we want to launch. Then, it is important to make some considerations at the level of the level of:

  • Involvement of leadership;

  • audience and target of the project;

  • the information that needs to be circulated;

  • accessibility to training;

  • the analysis to be done on the outcome of the initiative.


Now that the preliminary assumptions have been made, let's get to the real organization of the program by passing through 3 distinct areas:

  • The Key Objectives;

  • The implementation of the program on the Docebo platform;

  • Post-training analysis.


With Docebo, we can use core capabilities that can help you deliver and manage compliance courses.

In the attached guide, you will find some tips and tricks that we’ve successfully used in the past with other clients. 


How do you organize - or plan to organize - these types of training? Are there any success metrics to keep in mind?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

1 reply

The link to this guide is not working. Is there an updated version? Thank you