Displaying Unsupported Widgets in Mobile App

  • 14 June 2021
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We have the following widgets installed to our custom pages:

  • Task List
  • My Calendar
  • Question and Answer
  • iFrame


The issue is that these widgets are not supported using the Go Learn App.


Is there an alternative implementation of these widgets? How did you go about these limitations?



2 replies

Hi All,  speaking of widgets, as a reminder please remember you can customize the widgets composing of the desktop pages according to your needs via CSS if you choose to implement.

Any widget available in the widget pages is identified by a unique ID in the CSS HTML which will automatically assign by the platform when the the widget is created with the following format - doc-widget-{widget_id}.   Widget Link Information


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@abarrios I do believe our Mobile Product Manager is looking to implement at least a few of those widgets on our Mobile app! @damiano.colombo can you share any more context here?