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  • 23 March 2022
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We are about to launch our platform and are loading users via CSV file from our HRIS system.  

We set a 90 day validity date from the date of enrollment for various trainings (i.e. we go live 4/4, current team members have 90 days from that date to comply.  New team members will then have 90 days from the date of their enrollment in the system to comply.

QUESTION:  Since we set up enrollment rules and have current team members loaded in the system for testing our enrollment date and subsequent required completion date are incorrect.  Is there a way to simply change the enrollment date for all current team members to 4/4 or do I have to unenroll all team members and re-enroll them?


3 replies

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Hi @lscoggins Yes I think that’s your best and easiest option as you cannot change the enrolment date manually or in bulk.

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For those that are not following my hero 😀 - you can use the CSV to unenroll people. But there are caveats to doing it and you may see error messages that come across. Best to unenroll everybody via the Enrollments Tab and re-enroll them to understand any issues and not miss a problem.

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@lscoggins if the desired end-goal here is simply to adjust the required completion date for certain users, you may be able to avoid unenrolling and re-enrolling them by using the Reset Date Range for Access and Edit Enrollment bulk actions via the Enrollments tab of your course(s).


Here’s how to do so:

  1. Select the desired course via Course Management
  2. Navigate to the Enrollments tab
  3. Select the checkbox beside every user for whom you’d like to update the required completion date
  4. Select Choose Action > Reset Date Range Access and follow the prompts to complete this action – this will remove any deadline associated the the enrollment deadline for these users
  5. With the same users still selected, select Choose Action > Edit Enrollment
  6. Select the checkbox for Enable Deadline
  7. Select the appropriate Active From and Active Until dates for these learners

I hope that helps!