Handling Free Trials in Docebo?

  • 4 October 2021
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I am wondering if anyone here in the community is handling free trials in the LMS. We currently offer prospective subscribers a 14 day free trial where they can log in and try it out before they buy. Currently there are no email notification triggers based on expiration date. We want to set up a “nurture” stream to nudge free trials to login and remind them periodically as their expiration gets closer. Thinking I will have to do this outside of the LMS, like maybe Constant Contact. Any thoughts from folks doing this? Thanks.

1 reply

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Since the “user expiration date” functions in Docebo’s Automation app only give you the option to set an expiration date or import a CSV, and since the notifications don’t seem to have an appropriate trigger, I’d head down a different path.  My “go to” tool for automation is Integromat. Docebo also has an automation tool called Docebo Connect they sell.  If you prefer open source projects, there’s N8N (although it’s quite a bit more difficult to work with).

Here are a couple options: 1) You could run a daily report (sent optionally to EasyCSV if you find it easier to manipulate data fields there), and then have a tool like Integromat process the result with various email notifications and filling in any needed Docebo user additional fields for tracking (including expiring accounts).  2) Alternatively you could set up a Docebo webhook that fires on account creation that could also fill in Docebo’s user additional fields and/or write to Integromat’s built-in database (or a Google sheet, SharePoint, etc.) and send notifications based on those entries.  You could do all of this without Constant Contact if you wanted to.

Here at AVO Training we manipulate the availability of catalogs for our certification programs using a combination of daily reports, EasyCSV, and Integromat with Docebo’s API.  We have other automations that run from webhooks and Integromat.  All of this runs pretty much hands-off once you set it up.

@jessica.sanderson from SeriusXM did a presentation for eSkillz this past week that discussed how to use the Docebo API and webhooks that I think might be helpful if you’re unfamiliar with using those.