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"Homepage" to access multiple branches

  • 1 March 2023
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I am about to be developing multiple new branches for various lines of products that our company has - for example dairy, plant based, protein etc… lets say there will be 5 branches.


Some of the users will need access to for example all of them and some to dairy and plant base - 2/5. 
Would it be possible to create something like a homepage to see overview of the branches and then select the one you want to see learning content from as a “subpage”?


This way I could assign the user the one he/she needs without manually re-assigning them just to see other content. Or what do you think would be the best solution to go about this?


Thanks for the suggestions and help.


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We do something similar for our clients.  We have most of our LMS set up based on our main product platforms, so if they are a client of Product A, they get the “home” page for Product A, etc.  However, we do have some overlap, where some clients may use both Product A and Product B, so we want them to be able to access the home page for both products as well as all content/pages for both.

I look forward to hearing how others are doing this, as I’m sure there are better ways to do it, but I’ll share what we have done...

Our somewhat crude method to accomplish this was to create a generic home page that has buttons for the home page for each of our product lines.  We created a separate branch that users get added to as “multi-product” clients, in addition to their normal branches.  Then we created a menu for anyone assigned to those multi-product branches.  So if a user falls under any branch under the “multi-product” branch, they get the generic home page.  From there, they can click on the home page button for the product lines they use.  They see the buttons for all of the product home pages, but if they only use Products A and B, but not C, then they would not be able to access the pages/content that is only available for clients of Product C.  We include a blurb on the page stating that they will only have access to the product lines they have purchased.

For this to work, we had to make sure the Power Users at any of those facilities have access to their normal branches as well as the multi-product branch for their facility, then educate them to add their users to all product line branches as needed, being sure to include the multi-product branch any time a user needs access to more than one product line.

Hi @sjennings78 , currently we have pretty much the same setup as yours, but this going further would require too much admin imo to keep track of it and it does not seem like the ideal solution. 

I went onto doing some reading and it seems like there is a possibility to have one branch and then utilize groups. Widgets and menus supposedly have visibility settings so that could be something worth looking into.

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You can work with multiple branches aligned to permissions for pages and menus.

Consider though?

Is it something that you can head off with group logic versus branch logic? Branching functions are solid - but we think of them as a way to drop a person off at where they should be living - some type of organizational alignment. What you are describing at a high level is content.

You gain the ability to have group sensitive catalogs tuned up with your widgets and you can also layer the experience really nicely once you have that in order. Branches though? You may find a challenge with how far you can go with them with tailoring the LX (learning experience).

This is literally saying some of the same things that @paba is saying - but take advantage of it and test...and you may be very happy with the results.

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Overlap in your branches can cause issues with your pages so I recommend using Groups to build your user groups and assigning those to your pages/catalogues...Keeps things nice and neat.

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Yes. It can be accomplished and I echo what everyone else is saying. Explore both combinations of Branches and groups. 

We have several products, but 3 primary products and customers purchase any combination of the 3.
Product A Only
Product B Only
Product C Only
Product A + B 
Product A + C
Product B + C

When they log in, they only see the products that they have purchased on their landing page. This is driven by the Menu. See screenshot 1. You can see that this is configured based upon the branch they are in. So, the user would see something like Screenshot 2 A & B. When they click on the product, the product specific page loads. 

From there, the Course Catalog shows and these are based upon Groups. See screenshot 3. For each product, I have 1-7 different groups (yours will vary), based upon your needs.

I recently switched, just yesterday, after several days of investigating. The reason I switched from Branch/Group base combination to more of a Group/Branch base is because we have additional ancillary products and I needed to add them.

So my groups the Eligibility rules are based off of those “Addtional Fields” See Screenshot 4.
When the user clicks on a product page, they see only the products that they have purchased based upon those Eligibility rules. 

You may not need to go this deep as we have a requirement that Users of our product cannot see Admin Classes, but Admins of our product can see User + Admin classes.

Confusing, right? Just keep testing until you get it. Hopefully the visuals will help and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Or, tap support and tell them what you need to accomplish. This was definately not taught during my onboarding!!!!

Screenshots are in order. I Hope :)