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Is it possible to track visits/clicks for Enrollment Links?

  • 11 May 2021
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From time to time, when we create a new Course, we put news about it on our Docebo’s main page (in the custom-made News section).

We always include an Enrollment Link (deep link) to said course; however, at the moment it is hard for us to tell how many clicks it generates. Do you know about any way to keep track of this? Perhaps using a third-party tool to change the link while redirecting?

Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn’t show us any results for Enrollment Links and standard link to the course is not exactly the same as it also shows the general amount of views (from my courses and course catalog sections).


Best answer by Adam Ballhaussen 13 May 2021, 03:22

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I have an idea that’s a bit on the technical side, if you’re open to it. 

So, first thing to keep in mind is that when a superadmin sets up a deeplink, anyone who clicks the deeplink, and is subsequently enrolled to the course, is considered “enrolled by” that superadmin. 

Within the Docebo API for retrieving enrollments (image attached), part of the response body includes “subscribed_by”, which is the user_id of the user who enrolled the user to the course. 

So, if you had a dedicated superadmin account just for creating deeplinks, you could call the enrollments API to understand which users were “subscribed_by” that particular admin, and that would give you your deeplink click count/rate. 


Again, slightly on the technical side as far as setup/implementation, but feasible!





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hey Nate,

Thanks for the answer! The suggestion sounds like a pretty good workaround and it’s good to learn that it matters which superadmin creates deeplinks.

Unfortunately, since we have numerous superadmins and we’re using single sign-on, it’s pretty much impossible for us to logout, therefore, it would be even a bit more of a hassle than I would like. We could, however, think about having a dedicated superadmin (in person, not just an account) who doesn’t do any enrollments aside from generating deeplinks so it’s still useful! Thanks :relaxed:

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@natemadel that’s such a cool idea and a super clever way to report on this. I would have never thought of that 🧠 


@abartunek I’ve had great success in the past using custom redirects in Pardot (the marketing automation tool my previous organization used) to track clicks on specific course links. Most marketing automation tools have some sort of link-tracking ability (HubSpot, for example, has Tracking URLs). If your organization has a marketing automation tool, I recommend exploring that as an option! You could essentially create a library of these tracked links that you use for various enrollment links to capture individual clicks. We would often use multiple links for the same link in different locations. For example, we’d track clicks on our website’s homepage vs. our community homepage vs. our Docebo homepage.

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@Adam Ballhaussen thanks for the recommendation! I will check Pardot out and also contact our marketing; perhaps we already have something that can be used in a similar way within the organisation and I’m just not aware.