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While the pandemic is still ongoing, we at Getronics have tried helping our teams in many different ways.

One of the most hardest hit groups of employees has been parents caring for young children. 

In order to help the team and keep the little ones occupied we have developed a new page in Docebo; called kid’s zone. The page is dedicated to kids with lots of activities that they can do while parents are busy. We also have launched story time during lunch so that kids can have someone reading a story to them during their break.


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@Salvo, I love this idea! I’d never have thought of this. We aren’t doing a kid’s zone but we do have various online ‘meet ups’ through an initiative/group we call Culture Club. The meet ups are are designed to help people stay connected and replace ‘water cooler talks’ while we’re 100% work from home. There’s a team that hosts everything from themed coffee break chats (today’s was Star Wars for May the 4th) to virtual tours of museums, Grand Canyon river rafting, the Winchester Mystery House and more. Employees can view dates and sign up through Docebo.

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I’m glad to see this kind of initiative. Actually, we do something similar but we’ve created a completely new domain for that through Docebo’s “Multidomain”.

Our special domain is directed to children in foster care homes in Poland and also to children of our employees. Thanks to using Multidomain, it has a separate name, branding and look & feel. In comparison to some other modules that Docebo offers in addition to their standard platform, I have to say that Multidomain doesn’t cost that much and in my opinion is totally worth it (despite a few flaws).