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  • 25 October 2021
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Hi everyone,

I need to create monthly reports to track how many hours my learners spend taking courses. I have 2 issues. One: I can’t select specific dates when downloading the report. Two: the tracking time is completely off and way higher than what the learners are actually spending taking classes.

Does anybody have any best practices for this?


7 replies

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HI @lavinia.menicucci yes reports option are missing the date range element...if you are running the Users - Training Material report, it reports the time in seconds so you have to divide by 60 for minutes or 3600 for hours...hope this helps.

Hi @lrnlab, thank you for your reply. I realized I needed to divide the time, but it’s still very inaccurate. Users who have taken the exact same courses report very different tracking times (even 300% differences).

Hi @lavinia.menicucci

This is likely due to your learners not fully exiting a course upon completion.  We suffered this issue in greater numbers at the beginning.  We found, however, that if you (as a superadmin) adjust the “Session Lifetime” number in the Advanced Settings → Advanced tab → Session Lifetime (near the top few options), you can set this (in seconds) to the amount of inactivity time that will lapse before the system will automatically log the learner out, effectively ending all Docebo activity. Our system is set to 30-minutes (1800-seconds).

Unfortunately, if the user improperly exits a course, but is still active in the system, this may still lead to erroneous results - but it should be dramatically reduced.

Good luck and I’d love to hear if this helps.

Thank you @BergelectricDanny, I already tried setting the session expiration time to 15 minutes but I saw no improvements in the reporting time unfortunately. 

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@lavinia.menicucci is your content set to launch in a new window? If yes, you might try using the inline version instead (lightbox).

Hi @lrnlab, the content is already displayed in a lightbox. 

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@lavinia.menicucci I’m not a expert course developer but you might want to research whether you can add some timing in side the course or make your EXIT button more prominent to encourage users to close it properly (if that is what is causing the issue). Another thought would be to break up the courses into smaller chunks that users could complete more quickly thereby reducing the risk of them leaving the course open...