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only some of csv user being created

  • 22 December 2021
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When I upload a CSV of new users only a few are being created.  Any ideas?  All have the same fields filled in.  


Best answer by lrnlab 23 December 2021, 20:53

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Hey @BHDan Hard to tell without seeing the CSV file. If it’s got PII in it, you can anonymize the data and post here for me to look at.

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Hi @BHDan do you have an error log? that should tell you what went wrong. I’ve never had such an issue without an error log. 

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@BHDan as other said, difficult to say without seeing the file and the error message(s). 

It might be related to the recent changes in the Docebo’s API logic, if you have the option to use emails as usernames enabled, when creating a new user you have to provide both username (userid) and email address.

Similarly to the logic used when provisioning users via SSO as described here:


Didn’t get any errors. Doing small testing before the big move.  Says 4 users added but only top 2 appear

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I’ve had this issue before, both with creating users and enrollments via CSV. Just have to be vigilant. I’ve gotten responses from support saying it timed out, etc.. Also have recieved errors such as User already exists, when it fact is hasn’t, and then creates the user anyway - while still including an error in the CSV error report