Our findings - with SSOs and all - getting to Docebo ZenDesk

  • 18 August 2023
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Hey everyone,

We have been getting tortured a little bit with the SSO integrations of Docebo and ZenDesk.

I wanted to share a deeplink that seemed to work better for us.

So here is the thing - lets say you have your CSM and the support desk saying here is the link to the ticket….and maybe you are getting redirected to google to sign in? And you get yourself cross-eyed with it? Well - the trick is to get to the login screen where you manage your account directly.

I am going to suggest to use this url (and not the direct url) so that it brings you to the login:


Now that may seem like it is basic and documented? Myself and my team were hitting wall of trying to deeplinks from ticket numbers and were getting no where for a few weeks.

Anyone else have a hack? I can tell you if you try to engage https://docebo.zendesk.com you can find yourself in a tail spin.

Lessoned learned…..

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