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SCORM file size limit?

  • 4 June 2022
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Got a “File size error.” message while uploading a SCORM file. We use Articulate Rise as our current content authoring tool and export SCORM files in the “SCORM 1.2” format. Does anyone know a way we can export it to reduce the file size or track how many files we have in a SCORM package? I found the Docebo article that says the file limit is 15000 files but nothing on the SCORM file size itself. 




Best answer by paolo.gaioni 24 November 2022, 14:07

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3 replies

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Hi @nicole.roman,
you can find here the information about the Scorm limit, the file size limit is 800 MB.

You could reduce the dimension of your Scorm reducing the dimension of your images and Videos that are into the scorm.

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“Megascos” will sneak up on ya.

A proposal @nicole.roman - the only thing that I can think of that can swell a file out so big? Is an immense amount of content OR videos that are of a very high quality. @eleonora.maggioni covers that above.

For the web delivery? You dont need that high of a quality - you can easily get away with 480/720p type of video. Pass your videos through a video encoder like handbrake to reduce the file size of the video and then put it back in the resources directory.

You should be golden afterwards.


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Hello everyone following this thread,

the file size limit has been increased to 1 GB (from 800 MB). Our documentation and system requirements page have been updated.

thank you all for your feedback!