SCORM package in CLOR added to new course, training completions didn't come with it to new course

  • 13 January 2022
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Existing course contained SCORM package and course transcripts included various status of Enrolled, In Progress and Completed. When a new “Required Compliance” course was created combining multiple training materials (including the SCORM training material from the original course) the training records for completions didn’t transfer to the new course. Every enrollment was in an “Enrolled” status.

When I attempted to “manually” mark completions in the new course the following error appears. 

Has anyone else seen this happen? There is no mention of this scenario in the KB below:

4 replies

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Hi @tararussell think this may be due to the fact that user needs to launch the content at least once for you to be able to take action on it.

Thanks, I do understand the new course is requiring the user to launch but they HAD launched it and completed the very same material in the original course. Must be a specific SCORM issue because my understanding is the central repository used for lauding content brings along the completion should be shared across all courses the very same training material lives in. 

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I understood this a little differently so it may be a good idea to reach out to support to get clarification

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Help me understand a little more. Were the original completed items in the Central Repository?  Did you copy the original course and add in new learning objects?

If you’re looking for a way to change the status of the SCORM items that you can’t change manually (in your screenshot), I may have a way for you to do that through some scripting and the API.