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  • 5 January 2022
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Can anyone help me figure out a way to have managers review assignments that are screen recordings? Id like to use this feature with my sales team to grade their short elevator pitches, but I would like their Managers to be the ones to grade them. 

My first guess is to make the Managers Power Users of some sort, but wanted to see if anyone else has any other options or has any tips/trips/traps to share.

3 replies

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HI @nichole.chandler think you would need to make your managers Power Users with access to Evaluate assignments for them to do this. 

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just happened to find this Idea on the same topic:


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In our case we did not find the evaluation functionality to be what we needed. The “assignment” function allows the end user to upload an assignment for evaluation with a score, but in our case we have a lab that is observed by an instructor who then submits a score for each student.  The student doesn’t upload anything.

The “observation checklist” was another candidate, but is...well...just a checklist. 

I’m not sure how much access you want to give your power users so that they can evaluate assignments.  I would build it out in the Sandbox and see if it works for you without letting them do things like modifying training materials.

For us what I needed to do was create specially-crafted surveys in Cognito Forms as a way to have instructor-scored lab forms. Here’s my basic workflow:

  1. A method to capture the session number and submit it. This could be done through a simple Cognito form where you enter the session number from the URL to kick things off, or a Javascript button if Docebo allows (elegant, but currently frowned upon). This creates a webhook.
  2. The webhook is caught by Integromat. An API call is made to Docebo to get the enrollment for that session and generate one link per student in an email to the event instructor.  The link contains the information needed to pre-fill the form’s read-only fields with the student and class info that will later be sent into Docebo.
  3. The form also contains a rubric of all the objectives and performance scores.  In our case there’s also an automatic fail if a student violates a safety rule.  The score is automatically calculated.  When the form is submitted, Cognito Forms fires a webhook.
  4. The webhook is caught by Integromat, and an API call is made to set the score/completion for the Lab “test”.  This test is set up with a single 100 point question  At the test level we set the passing score as 80%. The API allows us to set the score for that single question (and hence the test) to anything we want, such as “80”.
  5. The detailed scoring of the student’s lab is kept in Cognito Forms as long as it is needed.

If you want the nitty-gritty of how to build all this out, please drop me a private message. If there’s enough interest I can ask my friends at eSkillz if they want to do a BP webinar on it.