Self-Enrolling into Courses from Channels

  • 8 June 2022
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Hi everyone, I’m Roberto Moscatelli from the Docebo Support team and I would like to share something about Self-Enrolling into Courses from Channels.


Currently it’s possible to self-enroll into courses that have the “enrollment policy” set to “free” also in channels, and not just in catalog pages.

To do this, you need to enable the “Show courses where users can self-enroll in channels”

in the Admin Menu-Advanced settings-Channels:




The other “must condition” to see those courses in the channels is that learner must have the visibility on at least one catalog the course is assigned to, otherwise they will not see those courses in the channel page.


Enabling this option, learners can also filter the courses included in channels using the Show only courses in which I'm not enrolled filter in the Enrollment Status filter area.




Notes to remember:

  • learners cannot see learning plans available for self-enrollment in channels

  • courses “under maintenance” are not shown in channels

  • courses imported from the Content Marketplace and made available in channels are not filtered by the “Show only courses in which I'm not enrolled filter” even if they're available for self-enrollment 

1 reply

Is there a way to do this for learning plans as well or just courses?