Struggling to create a vILT session

  • 9 March 2022
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We are just one week into our launch, and I have a webinar that I’m struggling to create, It is a multi-track webinar where the tracks share the first and last session.

Webinar Structure

We have integrated Zoom, and I am scheduling this for the facilitator’s zoom meeting account.

However, I have found no way to have the first and last session shared by all three tracks. When I create one session for each track, I end up with three Kick-Off meetings and three wrap-up meetings scheduled at the same time, but with three different meeting links

I tried making each meeting a separate course in a learning plan, but then when users register for the learning plan, they have to go into five different courses to select the session they want to attend (even though there is only one choice for each course).

I want the learners to register for one session, and be automatically registered for all five events correctly based on the track they choose.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m really stumped by this, and I didn’t find Help Chat to be very informative. Thanks!!


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Hmm. The only thing that is coming to mind is to use the Zoom integration to create the original one, and then gather the zoom link (with encoded password in the URL if there is a password) then on the event that should be going to the shared event, use custom as the video conference choice instead of Zoom, and use the same Zoom link you collected previous. Now both events of that shared session will technically bring users to the same zoom meeting when they click the join button. 
you could do all custom if you wanted the same and just generate zoom links or one meeting for it, not sure if you want them to be unique though that’s why I figured using the integration for the first one to create would be good. 
Just remember if you end up making a change to one of the proper integrated events, you will need to update the custom link. 
I’d imagine you end up with 3 sessions each with 5 events this way, so when the user signs up for one session they are in all 5 events.