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Student "in Progress" after they've failed the exam

  • 10 May 2024
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I'm facing a challenge with our exam process. We have developed an exam using Rise 360 and integrated it into a single course shell titled 'Exam' within our LMS. The problem arises when students fail the exam; their status remains 'in progress' in the reports. We want to ensure that upon completion of the exam, regardless of the outcome, students are marked as having completed it. I'm uncertain whether this setting needs to be adjusted on Rise 360 or the LMS.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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Definitely change the completion criteria in Rise.

UPDATE | 25 minutes later - this is the better article:

Towards the bottom it explains the Export Course to LMS option well…

Pretty much change the completion criteria to 100% and not based on score of example image can be found here.


Thank you for your response! However, as this pertains to an exam, we need to determine simultaneously whether the student has passed or failed, and if they have taken the exam, it should be marked as completed.

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@AFaraj  - You can score the exam, mark it as passed/failed, but do not need to use the score as completion criteria.

What do I mean by that? Well, the course track using course completion is based on the completion of slide and “critical path” activity count. I mention critical path activity count because Rise has become more intelligent with not allowing a person to move Continue unless they have met a sections completion criteria….they give you a locked continue button.

Since a course has the quiz in it? They can only go to completion by completing the quiz - which is the equivalent of slides….and you should meet your criteria. You have then can support a hard stop if a person has not gone though the course because it will not go to completion without a person completing it.

A pro tip? Never do this with branching logic/scenarios - you will need to do a completion rate of less than 100%….but it does work well with everything else.


I configured it using the "Track using course completion" option as you demonstrated, but the issue is that although the course is marked as completed, the score is not recorded. Conversely, with the "Track using quiz result" option, the course is only considered completed if the student passes the exam; otherwise, the student remains 'in progress' if they fail.



To clarify, it's actually an exam, not a course containing a quiz. It's a course shell that holds a single SCORM package, which is the quiz for the exam. We need to track both completion of the exam and whether the examinee has passed or failed.

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@AFaraj - thank you I understand better.

I think you are hitting up against a limitation with Rise 360 and how it sets the scorm wrapper and its completion criteria - I apologize for missing that one detail.

I believe you can still send along scores as well as a separate completion criteria from other platforms - I swear that Captivate supports such an output.

There may be a setting to do so from the training material.

If the score capture is critical? You could use a cloud based authoring platform like EasyGenerator that stores scores somewhere else (because it sets up a SCORM wrapper around an xAPI based course that retains a gradebook). Let me know if you are interested in taking a look at something like that (DM me) I can support setting up a demo for you.

@dklinger I appreciate your time and the answers provided. I am indeed interested in the demonstration and will send you a direct message to proceed with it. Thank you once again for your assistance. 😀