The Italian tune up for your Power Users

  • 22 June 2021
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Hi everyone, James Buhagiar from the Customer Experience team here 👋  and I want to speak a little bit about Power Users today. (PU for short)


We’re all using PU to help manage the internal and external needs of our platforms. LMS SuperAdmins create profiles, establish local administrators and delegate tasks to efficiently run their Docebo instances, so we really owe it to our PU for their help  🙌 


But when was the last time you went back to audit who your PU are and what permissions they have? 🤔 What about creating a new PU or profile to help with the expanding needs of your L&D strategy?


It’s been a full month since we launched the new PU management page, so you’ve probably glanced at them at least… you have glanced at them, right?! 🤯  For everyone else, May's product update includes some UI changes to really speed up the process of managing profiles, permissions and assigning new PU. So now is the perfect time to have a look again and see who still qualifies, who might need upgrading and where you can squeeze a bit more efficiency out of your day to day life.


Open your Admin gear ⚙️  and head to Power Users to see for yourself and give your Power Users a tune up! 🏎️ 

1 reply

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Does anyone have criteria set for who is a power user.  Perhaps what does a power user look like in internal training or sale enablement?  What might be some incentives either through gamification or reporting to entice others to be power users in your platform?