Videos uploaded in Rise - do those videos move to the Amazon CDN Docebo uses?

What happens to the videos uploaded in Rise when the SCORM package is uploaded to Docebo? Do we get the the same streaming experience as if we were to upload directly to Docebo?

I am asking this question because I want to author in Rise and I want to access the streaming server (without having to purchase another package). In Rise, we can use the URL, embed code, or upload videos to Rise. Since Docebo hides the URL and does not provide an embed code, my other option (as far as I know--which is not far at all) is to upload the videos to Rise. 

I do not want upload the videos to YouTube, or Vimeo. I want the benefits of the HSL streaming server tied into Docebo. 

Am I asking for an accurate solution, or is there a better way to execute?

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HI @shouck a published SCORM package is a container with all the settings you created in your authoring tool. it should allow the user to break out to outside source as long as you configure it to load in a window...loading  it inline could create issues but you may want to try anyway. I’m a big proponent of built it and try it...worst that can happen is it doesn’t work.

Thanks @lrnlab. I think what I need is not offered by Docebo.