What can I find in Product Tips & Tricks?

  • 19 April 2021
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Welcome to the Product Tips & Tricks Category!


This post explains the purpose and themes within this category.


What is this category about?

Every day our customers surprise us with the creative ways they use Docebo. This category is for you to share your knowledge of the Docebo product with the world.


What can I do here?

Share any tips for using Docebo you've picked up over the years. Lifehacks, shortcuts, automation, efficiencies, multitasking, extensions, apps, books, methods, approaches are all fair game. When you do share a tip or trick, do your best to explain the business problem it solves. That will help others better understand the solution you built.


 We may follow up with you to learn more about your tips & tricks if we feel there may be value in sharing them with customers via guides or courses! You will always get credit, of course 🙂


You can post Questions and Conversations in any category. Conversations are the most common type of post in this category.

Questions are in Q/A format. They can have best answers, which give points to the user that posted the solution and highlights the answer for everyone to easily find. Make sure to mark an answer as best if it solves your problem.

Conversations are for open-ended discussion. Got something you’re curious about discussing, or looking for opinions? Start a conversation, and see who joins in.

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