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What terms do you use to describe the various sections of an E-Learning course?

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Hi all,

I was hoping I could get your feedback regarding the terms you use to describe the various sections of your E-Learning courses in Docebo. We’re about to release a long course consisting of about 50 videos organized into 5 separate folders and I’m wondering what term to use (if any) to describe the 5 folders. Currently, we’re calling them chapters as shown in the example below, but I’m not sure this is the best term to use in an E-Learning context.

Chapter 1 - Operation panel




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Start with the end in mind. What does success look like? That will help you establish some learning objectives. This is purely me…but numbering “Chapters” for a long format course is good for troubleshooting/pacing the learner. But sections showing progression through material that builds on complexity should probably be a high level first goal. Before We Get Started…Introduction…Topic Names…SubTopic as it makes sense.Going Further…

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@Daniel,  we use the following logic in setting things up in our system.

End goal is always certification, which is broken down into one or more learning plans, which contains one or more courses, which on it self can contain one or more modules (of training materials). 

As modules are the smallest training objective we use we also decided this may not take you more than 5-15 min. to complete. This way it is bite sized. A course in our case is also never longer than 1,5 hour.
So we don't have need for folders in this way. (we only use it for additional materials like product guides for example)

What you describe already sounds like a lot of content for just a single course, but of course this depend a little on time of each video. Also using folders in Docebo we don't user friendly and is not easy for users to navigate in, so probably some will get stuck.  This to me almost sound like a learning plan with multiple courses.

Hope this helps you.

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Thanks for the comments @dklinger and @Bart_at_Yamaha Motor 

It’s always interesting to learn how others are handling things on the platform. What I’m looking for specifically is the term other admins use to describe the next level down from courses in their training hierarchy. I guess that would be “modules” in your case, Bart. It’s interesting to hear that you are using learning plans. This is something we considered, but we decided to put everything in one course because each video is short, averaging about 2~3 minutes for a combined running time of about 2.5 hours for the whole course.

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We have some bigger offerings too. We refer to them as seminars.

    A training seminar (plan) is made up of 

    multiple sections or courses which are made up of

    multiple modules and other supporting content or training materials.

I really only refer to my SCORM packages as modules, though, the rest is just supporting content.

What you are calling a chapter, we would call a section. This takes the form of a course in Docebo.

From a naming perspective, though, we just go by the topic.


ES-111: Fundamentals of Electronic Systems (Seminar)

ES-111: Mechanical Basics (Course or section name)
Mechanical Basics (SCORM Content Module)
Study Guide (PDF)
Terminology (Video)
Interactive (SCORM Content Module)
Check For Understanding (Quiz)

ES-111: Basic Scale Electronics (Course or section name)
Basic Electronics (SCORM Content Module)
Study Guide (PDF)
Review of Metric System (Video)
Ohm's Law Calculation Practice (SCORM Module)
Digital Voltmeter Lab (Interactive SCORM Module)
Check For Understanding (Quiz)



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Word Essentials (Modular eLearning Course)

Module 1 Introducing the Word Screen

Lesson 1.1 Tabs and Ribbons

Lesson 1.2 Rulers

Lesson 1.3 The status bar and scroll bars

Module 2 Opening and Saving documents

Lesson 2.1 Using File  > Open

Lesson 2.2 … etc.

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@Stephen.Barton - Ahh - yes

That brings me back to my Moodle days.

Which in turn makes me wonder about how much of how we refer to these things or label them is influenced by our industry/employer/platform..?

As long as your target audience knows what is going on - I think that is the most important factor.

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indeed @gstager , I work in law firm with colleagues who are used to documents with:

1 clause

1.1 sub clause

1.1.1 sub sub clause

@Daniel , module instead of chapter is just a suggestion.

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Hi @Daniel , if you go with learning plans as @Bart_at_Yamaha Motor suggested, just make sure you’re aware of the drawbacks of using them, e.g. the card does not show when they are complete - you’ll find other issues within the community blogs/questions here,


If I was to go back 12 months I’d persuade myself to avoid using learning plans in favour of courses, but, of course, not everyone's needs are the same.

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@Stephen.Barton Thanks for the heads up. We’re going to stick with courses as this meets our needs best. 

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Hi @Stephen.Barton , that is indeed a big disappointment, and not sure why this hasn't been fixed yet by Docebo. To counter we only work with LP's for our mandatory training curriculum as such we also display their status by using a widget on the homepage.

You can actually go for just one widget will all materials, as this widget actually also shows the status of LP's not just courses.

But again the build-in page “My Enrolled Courses” definitely needs some big improvements and customizing options.