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Where can I find all of the asset id's?

  • 15 May 2024
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I’m looking to change the skills of a lot of assets in discover coach and share using the API’s however I can’t find an API or a report that allows me to download a list of the asset id code. I can find the code in the browser window but I don’t want to have to do this for all of the assets. I’m relatively new to the API’s so I must be missing it somewhere. 


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2 replies

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Found the answer: 



But I can only get 200 results at a time so going to have to ask the API expert I work with to link get the middle 100 assets. I sorted ascending and then descending. 

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Hi there,

You can also cycle through the pages should you wish.

You can set the page size to 200 and do page 1. After copying the JSON to a JSON to CSV site, you can export this. You can then run the same API but set it to page 2.

You can then merge both sheets together with Excel.

This can be extremely time consuming if you have loads of assets however