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Can we keep the branding separate for Sub-branches?

  • 2 December 2021
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Hi there,


Can we keep the branding separate for the sub-branches?


The users will not have access to more than one branch/sub-branch


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Yes you can control the visibility of branches/pages with menus. This will allow you to give each branch it’s own experience if you wish. You can take it even further with Extended Enterprises.



Thanks for getting back to me on this. 


Can we restrict the global search in the homepage based on the group a user belongs to?

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Hey @sajeesbasha,

Are you referencing the global search bar at the top of the page?


Users/Power Users won’t find anything in their search results that are not assigned to them




Yes, I am referring to the global search bar at the top of the page.


I have created a branch and two sub branches under the same. When I assign a catalog only to the main branch, the other two branches can still search for the courses within that catalog via the global search.

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I see. Ensure that the catalog is only available to the branch you want and not it’s descendants 

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We use sub domains quite extensively and have customized experiences as well as custom management profiles for each; essentially making them mini-LMS’s within an LMS...There are many settings you can apply exclusively to sub domains like, Privacy policies, terms & conditions, Virtual Coach, CSS styles, etc. the list goes on…

Check out this KB artcile: