Enrollment rules to unenroll once a user completes a training


Is there a way to create a rule that removes a user from a group once they have completed a training?

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Current State - the answer is no. Enrollment rules are one directional (map users not ummap them to LPs and Courses).

You could unmapped someone from a dynamic group upon reaching a course status. But that unmapping from the group will not impact the enrollment.


@dklinger thats what I want to learn “You could unmapped someone from a dynamic group upon reaching a course status.” I don’t want to remove the training I just don’t want them to be in the group if they already completed the training.

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In your group set? Add a course completion status criteria.

You may be in a little bit of a chicken and the egg scenario with that. And need to trickle with an enrollment rule.

What do I mean by that?

  1. Use group A to collect their that is currently criteria.
  2. Map to the course with group A with an enrollment rule
  3. Use group B to listen to the completion status. Use then group B for what you are trying to do (drive a custom menu/page/catalog view or reporting or something else for you). If they dont meet the completion status? They are effectively - unmapped.

The detail of using completion status for putting a person into a group would be here (under Enrollment Status Based Condition).

I may be over simplifying...but this would work.