Sneak peek at MyTeam Reporting

  • 21 December 2021
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Had a chance to get a sneak peek with my CXM. She is cool.
Here are some quick random thoughts on the User experience.

  1. 4 reports – that not horrible. Most Managers will want to know what people are taking and courses and learning plans. So cool.
  2. Not alphalisted (good!)
  3. Would be nice to turn off a report or two (for example: we are not an ILT shop, so turning off Users Sessions helpsp).
  4. Note the Users – Courses report is an “all or nothing” (that custom aligns the hierarchy, suspiciously? You cannot select your users)
  5. Note you cannot also select your courses (opinion - cough that’s a big miss!) – so people with deep learning profiles/learning histories? They are going to have to go to excel and manipulate a lot.
  6. Conspicuously, no filtering options other than enrollment status (opinion - cough another miss).

Would not be that big of a miss IF the Superadmin could push a custom configured report to the Managers role to use. But we cant - yet :grin: . Take a look below - no change. 


  1. Also – no way to turn this on or off. It is just available via the Teams tool (opinion - a big miss).

As a feature long awaited for? I think honestly its a startBut overall my thoughts? You need to take first baby steps in the right direction to start walking.

I hope I am not popping the bubble that loud. Happy holidays.

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Wholeheartedly agree with this summary of the UI. I was excited to hear this feature was coming, but it is underwhelming and I will NOT be directing our managers to use it.  It seems simple enough that a manager should be able to filter by course, since often they are trying to see who is yet to complete a required compliance course. Instead, they see everything and would need to manipulate in Excel. Big miss!