Using Coupons to Administer Customer Training Credits

  • 2 November 2021
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Is anyone using coupons to award training credits to their users?  We would like to use the coupon functionality to award a set dollar amount of credit to our institutions.  The users at the institutions should then be able to register for course(s) and the discount be applied up to the total amount. If the users course is less than the discount amount, the balance should be applied toward the next user transaction.

In our testing, we are finding that if the coupon is available to multiple users, each are able to apply the total discount amount to their cart balance. If the transaction is less than the coupon discount value, the remaining balance is not applied to the next user.

We are interested to know if anyone else has this type of situation, and how it was handled.



2 replies

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Hi @lmathis , 

We are looking at something similar in nature.  Curious to know if you ever figured out a work around to this use case?

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