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  • 31 August 2022
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Our Docebo Support agents are happy to assist in whatever way our clients choose to communicate with us. That being said, certain pieces of information that our clients can provide ahead of responses from Support can truly help expedite the process of finding solutions to your needs. The following is a document intended to guide you on what information you can add to your tickets to ensure the fastest solutions.


A+ Ticket Creation

The following are what we would consider the most basic information you can provide in order for learning and support to assist. The idea is that by providing this information you’ll reduce the amount of replies necessary to find a solution.


Essential ticket information (in order of importance):

  • Description of the issue . “I logged into the platform as X user and navigated to “Course Management” and experienced the following behavior…”

  • Steps to reproduce the issue

  • Course Name and Session Name (if applicable)

    • Give a specific impacted scenario

  • Username impacted

  • Full screenshots of entire page including URL

  • Browser (type and version) and OS user is using

  • Bonus Points: Screen Recording of the behavior with the “inspect” window open and with the “network” tab selected, followed by downloading the HAR file from your browser. Not sure what a HAR file is? Check out our guide on Creating a HAR File.

  • Note:  For behaviors that are easily replicable/testable without impacting the system it is helpful to test in an Incognito or Private window to indicate if cached data plays a role.  If it works in Incognito/Private, clearing cache often resolves the problem.



Additional Information related to Specific Features

The following is a breakdown of additional information that could be included in the ticket depending on the area of the platform in which you’re experiencing the issue. We understand that given the limited time our clients have that it might not be possible to spend this time upfront creating the ticket but the more information included up front the less total time you’ll likely spend with the life of the ticket.

 Scorm/E-learning courses

  • Course name and user usernames impacted
  • Attach SCORM or AICC compiled/zipped file if possible (file size permitting)
  • Browser the issue was encountered on 
  • Operating system


ILT Classroom

  • Course name

  • Session name

If a Video Conference Tool is configured:

  • Video Conference Tool configured

  • Video Conference Account configured

  • Usernames impacted


Power User

  • Power user username 

  • Power user profile name

  • Description of Issue Experienced as it relates to power user relationship


Pages & Menus configuration/Forbidden Errors

  • Username of the impacted users
  • Screenshot of the page the user is having issues with including browser URL
  • Menu name
  • Page name
  • Custom widget name
  • Name of the menu the user should be landing on and then name of the menu where the user currently lands on



  • Endpoint name 
  • URL payload 
  • Username of the user performing the call
  • Attach JSON response/file when/if applicable
  • Fill out API Inventory Form and upload it to the ticket to provide additional context around your api configurations and goals


Report issues + Report assigned to Power Users

  • Report name
  • Power user username
  • Copy of the report(s) if applicable



  • Notification name
  • Notification code
  • Usernames of users who did not receive the notification
  • Copy of the actual notification (possibly in .msg or .eml file format)



  • Usernames impacted - include the date and time an impacted user attempted to sign in
  • Screenshots of the page/errors
  • Provide SAML test login credentials if possible


Webinar Conferencing tool

  • Confirmation that a license exists for the configured webinar
  • Webinar conferencing tool name
  • Screenshot of the errors shown during the configuration
  • Screenshot to confirm the webinar tool integration is correctly configured 
  • For details on what to provide, please refer to the integration instructions in the Knowledge Base Article for the relevant webinar conferencing tool.



Latency / Performance Issues

  • Browser version 
  • Operating system
  • Screen recording with network console open (if possible)
  • HAR File
  • Browser specifications and operating system
  • Consider conducting a speed test and including the results (


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