Call All Instructional Designers - Website Review as Learning Content?

  • 16 December 2022
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Among all of the options available to us for presenting content to learners, I am wondering how much success some of you may be having with quick and simple solutions that link source content to a website.

Example - internal product introduction for new hires by driving them to the (extremely well designed and informative) company website, or introducing a new process to project managers by driving them to a knowledge base site where the processes are well documented.

The idea is to leverage existing content and not reinvent the wheel. 

For those who do this, do you create an assessment along with it to check knowledge and make sure they have actually gone to the site and reviewed the information? And have you had positive results with this method?


2 replies

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@JGildea Yes, absolutely.  We do that for customer care agents, and installation technicians.  Why reinvent the wheel, right? You want them to rely on the knowledge sources in their jobs, so why not use the sources to teach the job?

In some cases, we just link to an article, but in other cases, we make games out of it.  Like scavenger hunts or the old “Bibles up” camp game where the class is given a topic and they race to find the first, best answer. Crossword puzzles, Jeopardy, etc. etc.

Have fun!


KMallette/Viasat, Inc.

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I also sometimes just build mini websites or steal them from other places and wrap them in a fake scorm package that never completes so that I can host it in Docebo and provide inline with other content, if interested view here for more info: