How do you instruct your users not to use the browser breadcrumb bar (back and forward etc)

  • 5 December 2022
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I’m getting a lot of help tickets about this in our new rollout

How do you explain this to your users? I want a way to say it that conveys the same meaning as “the browser back and forward buttons are broken and don’t work, so don’t try to use them please” that sounds better...

2 replies

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I would just keep it more broad, there are many sites and applications where the browser controls are useless, it’s not that it’s broken just built differently and not accounted for. Help desk used to encourage using the application native navigation buttons over browser ones for years and for many appplications (form submissions and work uploads are notoriously prone to issues related.)

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Hi @lrodman 

How about something like this:

Due to the architecture of the site, we recommend using the controls in the course player to navigate the site rather than the forward and backward buttons in your browser.

Ideally, you should include some kind of visual guide that identifies the controls they should use and those they should not.