Little blue check marks in self-paced learning can be deceiving

  • 21 December 2022
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Does anyone receive emails that a user completed their self-paced learning; however, it’s not showing marked as completed even though there’s a little blue check mark?  When you hover over those little blue check marks they say “activity in progress” or “activity completed”.  I am ALWAYS explaining this. You would think that those blue check marks mean it’s completed.  Any suggestions or should I submit an idea that they are deceiving and maybe Docebo can add another little icon that is applicable to the actual status?


1 reply

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@monica.cheek Interesting … I see why it is a bit confusing. But I think that the tool tip is accurate. The blue check (or green/yellow in my case) indicates that the training material is complete, however, the tool tip is indicating the overall status of the course. The timeline at the top of the course is pretty clear that the course is still In Progress, and I’d expect that people would see that first before seeing the tool tip. Is that not your experience?

I’m interested in how you would make it clearer… it is a challenging UX problem.


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