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Power User can't see courses in Course Management screen

  • 11 November 2022
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I’m new to using a Power User to help me with certain tasks so pardon me if this is a silly question. However, my Power User can’t see any courses in our Course Management tab. She can see the folder and the filter but otherwise, the screen is blank for her. Any suggestions?? I feel like I have things set up for her correctly for her to be able to assist with management of courses but perhaps not? 



Best answer by megan.fralix 11 November 2022, 18:47

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@Kristi Jarvis Have you assigned the courses to the power user as a resource? That’s a mistake I made early on. 

Admin Menu > Power Users > Select Desired Power User(s) > Choose Action > Assign Resources > Select All or a Custom Selection of Courses/Learning Plans


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Awesome, thank you @megan.fralix

This really helped. I was pulling my hair out trying to solve this.


P.S. I currently have no hair 😋