Rise Courses | Overwrite of Training Material Part II

  • 2 December 2022
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So - I asked this question a little while ago and answered my own question:

Now we did some structural changes and we landed up with a dreaded “white screen of death”.

(It blinked content is loading and then never loads).

I tried a few different times to ensure that I wasnt cray cray.

I even went and changed over to another version.

I opened a ticket.

But now I ask YOU - the folks that work with Rise 360 and other external authoring tools...you have folks that are in progress and completed that are hitting that white screen of death - what DO YOU DO?

I will tell you that I can reset the training progress for peeps (cough painful) that have started and have completed - that? seems to work.

I will reiterate - I put in a ticket.

(squeak - help),


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