Time Stamp on Notifications

  • 23 December 2021
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Is it possible to remove the time stamp on Notifications to show the date only?

I don’t think this information is needed and it looks a little messy on Overdue Notifications that lists multiple Courses: 



3 replies

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This would be great. From my testing, formatting options which you can apply when generating a course certificate doesn’t work for email notifications.

In the old Ideas Portal I had created an idea for having [expiers_at_day] shorcode for course notifications, however it wasn’t selected by Docebo for migration to the new Ideas portal. Maybe we should try submitting it again.

@emermuldoon I agree! It would be great if the time stamp could be removed for the validity period. For example, if a course expires on a specific date, it technically expires on the exact time it was entered in the system or the time the person was enrolled.  In other words, if a course expires on 30Sep at 10:30 am UTC, they could be ‘late’ if they take it on 30Sep at 10:40 am UTC. 

The reports will capture that user as late 😟

Can the system just show the validity date, in that the due date depends on the time zone of the user? 

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It would be nice to just broadly allow setting a date/time format in all of these using standard placeholder style since those dates aren't exactly pretty either. I get them for reports as that data can be easily update in excel, but notifications are much different.

Seems like a solid idea waiting to be posted :)